Directed by Charlotte Westenra
Designed by Ben Stones
Costume Designs by Sarah Grange
Music Composed by Benedict Westenra
Sound Designed by Nick Greenhill
Movement Director Imogen Knight
Fight Director Kevin McCurdy


Secretary/ Manakin- Lewis Barfoot
Friend/ CLown- Christopher Brandon
Young Man- Mark Field
Father/ Harlequin- Gary McKay
Maid/ Mask- Caryl Morgan
Old Man- Michael O’Hagan
Girlfriend/ Cat- Sophie Roberts



"This is one of Lorca’s most daringly surrealist plays, and Charlotte Westenra’s production catches its anguish and humour, its wild, sad, playful tone, with amazing skill… Set against a cool, remote, Margritte sky, this tender, funny but melancholy play is a revelation."
John Peters, Sunday Times

"Crackling away under the elegantly choreographed fantasy are real emotions, like electricity pulsing along the Young Man’s rural paths, and genuine humour, in Christopher Brandon’s louche representations of the sexually arrogant chaps the Young Man secretly longs to be." 
Emma John, Time Out (Show of the Week) 

"Charlotte Westenra has directed a fluid inventive production of an impossible play.. The action moves with the fierce wooziness of a dream.” 
Susannah Clapp, The Observer

"Director Charlotte Westenra impressively marshals the tale of the Young Man, who is doomed to fall for women who insist five years pass before they can marry, plus a supporting cast of talking cats, living mannequins and clowns.”
Fiona Mountivew, Evening Standard (Critic’s Choice) 

“The dramatic framework Westenra employs, augmented by the strongly detailed performances from her cast is never less than arresting.” 
Claire Allfree, Metro