© Alistair Muir

                                 © Alistair Muir


Obi Abili
Lorraine Burroughs
Karl Collins
Jenny Jules
Charlotte Lucas
Alibe Parsons
Clare Perkins
Chris Tummings
Howard Ward


Directed by Nicolas Kent: 
words words words by Jennifer Farmer
Silhouette by Carlo Gebler
Directed by Indhu Rubasingham:
Give, again? by Lynn Nottage
IDP by Winsome Pinnock

Directed by Charlotte Westenra:
Distant Violence by Michael Bhim
Many Men’s Wife by Amy Evans 
Bilad al-Sudan by Juliet Gilkes

Designed by Polly Sullivan



“Which theatre, other than the Tricycle, would commission a series of short plays about Darfur? And where else in London would you find such an intelligent post-show discussion about the extent of the crisis and the international response to it? It is a potent reminder that theatre, among its myriad other functions, has a mission to inform”  Michael Billington, Guardian

“Which theatre in London does most to expand consciousness? My vote goes to the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn…one of the few dramatic masterstrokes I have encountered in new playwriting this year.“
Alistair Macaulay, Financial Times